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Achieve Financial Freedom to enjoy the life by creating & following the path to achieve it.

– Sunil Srivastava (Wealth Business Coach) 

 17 Year Experience in Financial Industry


VIP Membership

₹4999 / One-Time

Become a VIP Member of the “Wealth Learning Academy” community, where you will get access to

 Wealth Business Blueprint Course: Worth ₹14999

 One 1-2-1 Clarity Session: Worth ₹9999

 Weekly Webinars: Worth ₹19999

 Total Value: ₹44,997 

 Special Offer: ₹4999


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Sliver Membership

₹14999 / One-Time

Everything In VIP +

9+ Powerful Courses

60-Day Challenge

Premium Community Access

Weekly Q&A Calls

Handholding Support

Accountability System

Gamification Reward

Life-Time Membership

What you will Learn at WLA?

How to Attract Money

How to Multiply Money.

Importance of Financial Planning

Learn How to become Financial Advisor to Earn Money.

How to Protect Money.

How to add new source of Income.

How to do Financial Planning for self.

How Can you do it?

You will learn everything to achieve Financial Freedom!!

Understand the Concept

Before knowing “How” you will Learn “WHY” it is important for you.

Creating Blueprint

Will Create the Financial Freedom Blueprint

Tracking to Achieve

Tracking the progress to achieve on regular interval.

Our Vision & Mission


The Education system does not teach personal finance and money management and hence people get stuck in a financial trap.


To help people to achieve their Financial Freedom and grow wealth through financial planning and innovative financial Solution.


To educate individuals on the basic level related to personal finance so that they can achieve financial freedom and live a happy life.

Benefits of Joining this Community

Defined Path

It is the best Model to start. You will get every financial tool that may required to set up your business in advance. So, that even if you are new in the industry you can start with ease.

Work with Freedom

You will prepare yourself to work from anywhere, With No limit of earning.

Systematic Education System

You will learn what exactly you will need to learn when to start your business. It will be 100% practical knowledge to start and run your business.

It will include:

  • Online Recorded Courses
  • Online live training
  • Support at every stage of business through our expert

Network access of BFSI officials

You will get the network required for the distribution of financial services. It will include: Online Recorded Courses Online live training Support at every stage of business through our expert

Who Can Join Us

Anyone who is Job or Business wants to retire early.

Govt employees - from different sectors with a fixed income source.

Small DSA who want business growth

Insurance Advisors

Anyone who wants to start their own business of financial services

Consultants & Coaches- who aims to build a profitable financial model.

Solopreneurs & Small Business Owners- who want to accelerate their cashflows & Maximize their Profits with ease.

Teachers & Professors - who doesn’t have much knowledge of wealth creation & Make more profits with lesser money.

Doctors - who want to find best investments for their large capital.

People in IT Sector- to automate their investments & multiply their wealth

Banking Professionals- who want to maximize their savings & build their wealth.

Any Graduate with Zero experience

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